Tarpon Fly fishing and Light Tackle.

Capt. Rey's Tarpon Special fishing report


"Tarpon Fever"

You probably heard about the term, " Fishing Fever ". Here in Southwest Florida the term changes slightly, it's called, "Tarpon Fever". As spring approaches and the water temperature rises, the disease creates an epidemic among saltwater anglers.

The idea of fighting a fish that may weigh 150 to 200 pounds, brings the "macho" attitude amoung anglers. The tarpon is beautiful, strong, and capable of flying. On light tackle, it is indeed a great challenge. With 20lb outfits in hand, we tackle this beautiful creature, crabs
and threadfin herrings are his favorite snack. But tarpon also eat flies, and sometimes there
is nothing better to entice the Silver King.

The schools of Tarpon invade our beaches and flats in the spring , sometimes in numbers reaching the thousands. They follow the schools of threadfin herrings that also spend their summers in our waters , no bait is safe when a school of hungry Tarpon is in the area .
So if you are up to the challenge , get ready for some of the most exciting fishing of your life !

Pine Island Tarpon

Late April to July is the best time for Tarpon in Southwest Florida. Last year was fantastic with many newcomers " jumping" tarpon on fly and light tackle in my boat , also many small { 20 to 40 lbs } tarpon were available.

See you on the Water ,
Capt. Rey Rodriguez

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