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 "The Snook"

There is no other species in Southwest Florida as popular as the Snook . From it's powerful runs and jumps to the beauty of the estuaries and beaches were the snook is found , it's popularity is well deserved . The snook is a sub-tropical species . They must have certain water temperature to survive.This controls when and where we can find the snook during the different times of the year .

The best time of the year for successful snook fishing is usually from Spring to Fall . The summer time is snook time . The linesider spawn cycle takes them to the passes and beaches . As the water temperature rises , the snook moves from their winter hiding places . While on the move spend their time feeding heavily .

But the snook are no fool , they usually feed during tide changes , for the current brings them food . This way they do not spend lots of energy while feeding . The snook favorite food are sardines . They appear in numbers during the warmer months which creates the perfect target for the snook . Remember they must gain as much weight as possible since tough times will follow when water temperatures drop .

Snook will also take artificial lures . Casting at the mangrove shorelines with top water lures, or sight casting a fly to one of these fish on the flats can trigger the most exciting strike you have ever witnessed .

The snook average size will vary from the ones found on the flats to the ones on the passes . In general, you will find the bigger fish on the passes and beaches . Big females can weight to 30 lbs while average fish on the flats can probably weight from 3 to 5 lbs .

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So if you want to see what the fuss is all about , come to see for yourself and experience the legendary "linesider" .

Good Fishing,
Capt. Rey

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