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Sanibel,Captiva fishing report

Capt. Rey's Fishing Report

This fishing report covers Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Pine Island Sound, Fort Myers and Charlotte Harbour.
In his fishing report Capt.Rey will share his customers adventures while Snook fishing, Redfish fishing and Tarpon fishing . He will include fly fishing and light tackle fishing secrets to successfully target this species!  

Week Ending ,  March 9 2017

Hello Anglers,

Spring weather is here!!! The water temperature have risen, and with it the weather conditions we have been waiting for. The water conditions have also drastically improved from last year, cristal clear water along the main bay is a welcome sight!

Snook fishing has been very reliable along the mouth of the river, they love to get fat before the spawning time so they are very motivated after the winter months. Snook love the safety of the mangrove roots so the are found close to the shorelines were they can be tough to spot, but a well placed sardine or fly is like candy for the "linesider". We have been spotting Snook ranging from 3 to 25 pounds, and we manage to catch a couple in the 10 pound range this week.

jeff's 30 inch Snookie

Bob's Snook

We also caught some Seatrout on the grassflats but most of them were on the smaller size. Some of the guys targeting them everyday have reported some bigger ones. We also caught some nice size Jack Crevalle, when they came to the creek the action was non-stop!!!

The Reds are liking the lower tides and we have found some nice schools while fishing the shallow flats. "Tailing" fish are the best but this schools are mostly "cruising" along the flats so an accurate cast is needed.

The Tarpon are just starting to show, with a combination of a calm morning and a bit of patience you can be rewarded with some of the most exciting fishing of your life. As the weather gets warmer it will get better and better!

God Bless and Tight Lines!
Capt. Rey

Seats are limited, so give me a call, or drop me an email, and let's GO FISHING !

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