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The number one problem negatively affecting fly casting on the flats is using too long of a "stroke" . Many anglers developed the habit of trying to build line speed with their arm or wrist . Muscle memory soon develop and the cast become very natural until you need to reach
farther than you normally cast . You must let the fly line do its work !

Fly casting is a game of simple aerodynamics , the least resistant the line has the more speed
it will develop , and that is why you need a good stroke . If you had ever cast a fly rod , you have seen that a "loop" is created as your transition from forward cast to back cast ocurred , and vice versa . Too much arm and the loop becomes open and sloppy (see figure 1 ) .

This "loop" holds the key to a good cast . Now , how can we aquire the perfect tight loop ? .


First we must keep the stroke "short" , a 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock motion is ideal . You must remember we are talking about your arm , for your fly rod will travel past this point as your wrist will "give" some and the tip of your rod will end up a bit farther .

Second we need to keep the fly line on a parallel plane to the water . This is done so your
fly line "loop" can open all the way before it hits the water .
The next thing you must remember is to allow the fly line to "stretch" all the way back before
you start your forward cast , the same apply to your back cast .

Timing will come with practice . Keep in mind , the more line you are casting the longer you
will have to wait in between forward and back cast . Learn to "feel" the line as it loads the
rod , be patient with your delivery .

The last thing I like to mention is that the excitement will affect your cast tremendously . No extra power is needed as you deliver your fly to the fish , the delivery cast should be the same as any other cast . After stopping at 10 o'clock then lower your rod tip toward the target .
Practice is the key , so practice hard !

Tight lines,
Capt. Rey


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