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Now You See It, Now You Don't !

Fly fishing is at it's best when you're sightfishing. There is not a more challenging way to catch
a fish than to stalk him, and then to cast successfully. Your eyes become the main tool, so wearing polarized sunglasses ( a good pair ) will be just as important as your rod and reel. The difference between seeing with or without a good pair of polarized sunglasses, is like reading under a candle light, or a halogen light. You will need to see the fish far enough away, allowing you to cast at the fish before the fish sees you. So, to "READ" the water correctly , you must not take for granted anything that may look different on the water.

Many times my customers will look right at the fish, but never see it. You must look " through" the water, not at the water, sometimes the disturbance on the surface is very subtle and does
not look like a fish. A "PUSH" or "NERVOUS" waters are the most common signals that a
fish is just under the surface, but remember to look at the front of the push to find the fish.

When fish are tailing they look obvious one minute then they disappear.Your eyes should " NEVER " leave the fish once it's been spotted. If you are constantly looking for fish you may see some fish that are not there, but that is okay, it happens to all of us. Just remember, " to look through the water not at the water" and keep in mind that sightfishing will take some practice, but once you've mastered it, it will take you to a more challenging level of angling and you will find that it's a more enjoyable way to fish.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you as you discover saltwater fly fishing.

Good Fishing,
Capt. Rey


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