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Fly Rod Size For The Flats

Saltwater fly fishing requires a slightly larger equipment than freshwater, in some cases, much larger. The best all around fly rod size for the flats is a 9 wt. You can catch almost anything you encounter on the flats with a 9 wt. Fly rod .

Sure,  you may hook a large tarpon or a shark that you may not be able to handle, but in general you will be fine. Also a 9 wt rod use with proper technique will handle a good amount of wind allowing you to achieve a
longer cast. You must keep in mind that Distance is essential in flats fishing , but 50 ft. accurately is usually all you will need .

Another alternative that has worked well with my anglers is using an 8 wt. rod loaded with 9wt Fly line. The 8 wt. rod is lighter and more attractive to anglers not use to fly fishing. The 9wt. line will allow the caster to "load" the rod easier , because it usually helps the caster feel the line as it "load " the rod .

One more thing I like to mention is rod length . For the flats 9 ft. in length is the right choice , keep in mind we are talking all around . Some anglers had also ask me about 2 pc. or 3 pc. fly rods . For the traveling fisherman a 3 pc. rod is fine , but I prefer a 2 pc. , it is just a personal preferrence and you can be perfectly happy with a 3 pc.

Floating line is what you will use 90% of the time. Royal Wulff "Triangle Taper" is an excellent choice. It's a weight forward line designed to cast on the ever present breeze, also the Bermuda Triangle line comes in two tone color so you know when the "Belly" of the line is in your hand indicating that is time to pick up for the next cast. It's very easy to cast and will help you to gain distance. You will need a reel with enough backing to handle the fish's initial run, this in some cases may be a 100 yards. A reel with a smooth drag system is preferred . Also an exposed rim will allow you to put extra pressure on the fish. Leaders are from 9 to 12 feet in length , and I will discuss this in detail in the near future.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you as you discover saltwater fly fishing.

Good Fishing,
Capt. Rey


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